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Circular 80: EU - Monitoring Reporting Verification - Regulation, Timeline and Required Process 10/11/2015 - Category:Circular

Circular 74: IMO - Carriage Requirements for ECDIS - Ship Specific ECDIS Procedure Manual 31/3/2015 - Category:Circular

Circular 73: 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) – Annual Report Submission Deadline 26/11/2014 - Category:Circular

Environmental Management Systems

Our Company is specialized in Environmental Management Systems in line with ISO 14,001 & 50,001, TMSA 2, EPA VGP, USCG ECP and others.

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Computer software designed to keep and update your Management System, shipboard manuals and forms in electronic format in the office and onboard the vessels.

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Tanker Management Self Assessment

TQC can assist you to improve your Management System and meet the highest stages of TMSA requirements.

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Management Systems

TQC develops integrated Safety Management Systems to satisfy not only ISM Code but also ISO standards, ILO provisions, TMSA and Risk Assessment requirements.

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