Environmental Compliance Audit


As we head towards 2020 with the restricted Sulphur Emissions to be in the center of Global Marine Environmental Policy, it is important not to ignore other operational issues which may harm the marine environment and result either to heavy fines or detention of vessels or even inclusion of Companies in Environmental Compliance Programmes (from US Coast Guard).

Following the “Prepare & Prevent” moto, Total Quality Consultants Ltd. has developed and runs already with success, a series of Environmental Audits onboard vessels and Environmental Campaigns in Shipping Companies’ and Manning Agents’ Offices.

Environmental Compliance Audits are performed onboard vessels by our trained & experienced auditors in order to ensure compliance with Company’s Environmental Procedures as well as National & International Environmental Requirements and Legislation. The audit process includes a series of checks involving documentation (e.g Oil Record Book, Log books, SMS Forms etc), correct use and operational status of equipment (e.g Oil Water Separator), crew awareness and competence, processes and operations (e.g pollution hazards identified, storage of garbage, ballast operation).

Environmental Campaigns on the other hand, focus on sharing the information and increasing the awareness of sea-going and shore-based personnel on various important environmental topics such as magic pipe cases, correct completion of Oil Record Book, analysis of findings from Environmental Audits and incident investigation analysis (from MARPOL violations).

You may contact us for further details should you wish to verify and ensure the Environmental Compliance of your vessels.