Set Up & Preparation Services for Certifications | TQC


The purpose of this service is to assist and consult your company, initially for getting certified under the ISM Code and thereafter for the correct and continuous implementation of the company’s safety management system in compliance to the ISM Code requirements.

TQC provides the necessary guidance for:
  • The preparation of the Company for Interim DOC certification.
  • The initial reporting to the Flag Administration and RO for DOC Interim Audit.
  • Initial familiarization of company’s employees.
  • Initial setting up of company’s documents (DMLC Part I & II , Office Library , Filing System etc).
  • Presentation and facilitation during the RO Interim DOC Audit.
  • The preparation of Company and vessels documentation for Interim SMC, ISSC , MLC certification.
  • Review of vessels manuals and submission for approval of any Shipboard Manuals required (i.e. SSP, SOPEP, SEEMP , MRV , WBMP etc).
  • Attending the vessel for SMC, ISSC , MLC interim audits preparation and actual representation during the audits.
  • The implementation of the SMS in the office and on-board vessels.
  • Setting up of the MANAGEMENT REVIEW SYSTEM (by developing the necessary Analysis and Review Reports).
  • Setting up & monitoring of the ACCIDENT/INCIDENT monitoring system.
  • Setting up & monitoring of the DOCUMENT CONTROL system.
  • Setting up & monitoring of the NON-CONFORMITY monitoring system.
  • Setting up of the various other procedures in the office.
  • Preparation of the office for External Auditing.
  • Internal auditing of the vessels (at your request when convenient).
  • Representation for the company during the audit in the office.
  • Representation for the company during the audit on board (if requested).
  • Coordinating Annual Safety and Security Drills.
  • Monitoring actual ships reporting for safety/ security issues.
  • Providing instructions to the vessels regarding the company’s SMS implementation.