Vessel general permit development by Total Quality Consultants


This ship specific manual shall be developed based on the ship’s specific characteristics and shall be developed taking into consideration a number of factors per vessel such as:

  • Type of vessel.
  • Type of discharges that are applicable.
  • Type of machinery available on board and associated effluents.
  • Water Ballast Management practices implemented on board.
  • Toxic and hazardous materials on board.
  • Cathodic Protection system utilized on board.
  • Gray water control system on board.
  • Procedures to be followed for complying with the VGP requirements.

The final documentation shall be provided in hard copy and shall cover all 2013 VGP requirements as relevant to each vessel, including:

  • Identification of relevant discharges.
  • Required Procedures to be followed for controlling the effluents.
  • Inspection scheduling and reporting system.
  • Record keeping system.
  • Corrective action system and follow up.
  • Allocation of responsibilities.
  • Records to be completed.