Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001 | Total Quality Consultants


The ISO 9001 standard covers all aspects of an organization’s activities, including: identifying its key processes, defining roles and responsibilities, its policies & objectives, and documentation requirements. It also covers the importance of understanding & meeting customer requirements, communication, resource requirements, training, product & process planning, design processes, purchasing, production & service, monitoring and measurement of products & processes, customer satisfaction, internal audit, management review, and improvement processes.

ISO 9001 is based on the following eight Quality Management Principles, which are incorporated within the requirements of the standard, and can be applied to improve organizational performance:

  • Customer focus,
  • Leadership,
  • Involvement of people,
  • Process approach,
  • System approach to management,
  • Continual improvement,
  • Factual approach to decision making, and
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships.
TQC services:

Development of integrated Quality Management System to satisfy the ISO 9001 standards for Ship Management companies as well as Manning Agents.

Vertically Integrated Services:
  • Upgrading & updating of controlled documentation according to the new regulations & shipping codes.
  • Setting up of the Management Review System.
  • Internal Auditing.
  • Monitoring of internal & external non-conformities & follow up until they are closed.
  • Follow up of accidents/ incidents & investigation analysis.
  • Setting up of performance statistics & monitoring of KPI's.
  • Other custom designed services.