CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Outbreak Management Plan - TQC

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Outbreak Management Plan

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 disease the World Health Organization as well as the International Chamber of Shipping have issued detailed guidance for all Ship Operators worldwide for the protection of Seafarers’ Health. With more than 190,000 cases identified worldwide, it is crucially important to enhance crew awareness about the outbreak and establish necessary protecting measures proactively.The Outbreak Management Plan for COVID-19 has been developed by TQC to summarize in a single document all necessary procedures and information for establishing protective measures onboard and enhance crew awareness, including:

  • Protective measures for seafarers,
  • Handling of visitors boarding the vessel,
  • Management of suspected cases on board vessels,
  • Handling of operational matters and port restrictions,
  • Reporting requirements,
  • Food safety practices,Risk Assessment,
  • Emergency response procedures,

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