Mooring system plan by Total Quality Consultants


The plan will incorporate the sections defined in MEG(4) for the Mooring System Management Plan (MSMP), the Line Management Plan and the ship’s specific mooring systems.

Furthermore, company’s policies and systems for maintenance, inspection, selection and retirement criteria and other parameters required will be incorporated and reflected in the plan to be developed in order to enable the full integration of the plan within the company’s SMS.

This approach will enable the company to ensure that all information relevant to the mooring of the ship is considered together as a complete system complimentary to the SMS, as also required by OCIMF in the MEG(4) publication.

More specifically MSMP will include the following parts:

  • General Ship Particulars
  • Mooring Equipment Design Philosophy
  • Detailed list of Mooring Equipment
  • Inspection, Maintenance & Retirement Strategies/principles (including Line Management Plan)
  • Risk and change management, Safety of Personnel & Human Factors
  • Records & Documentation
  • Mooring System Management Plan Register