Sulphur Cap 2020 approaches! A Ship Implementation Plan will be required!

IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), during its seventy-third session (22-26 October 2018) agreed that Administrations should encourage ships flying their flag to develop implementation plans, outlining how the ship will prepare in order to comply with the required sulphur content limit of 0.5% by 1st January 2020.
In continuation to the above MEPC, IMO issued relevant guidelines in order to encourage Shipping Companies to build up a consistent Implementation Plan for their vessels. Some of these guidelines are the following:
1) risk assessment and mitigation plan (impact of new fuels);
2) fuel oil system modifications and tank cleaning (if needed);
3) fuel oil capacity and segregation capability;
4) procurement of compliant fuel;
5) fuel oil changeover plan (conventional residual fuel oils to 0.50% sulphur compliant fuel oil); and
6) documentation and reporting.
Although not compulsory, First Class Charterers and Oil Majors already require from Shipowners to carry onboard their vessels a Ship Implementation Plan.

Following the “Prepare & Prevent” moto, Total Quality Consultants Ltd. has developed a Ship Specific Implementation Plan applicable for all types of vessels and conducts a) all relevant changes required in a company's SMS, b) relevant Risk Assessment and c) Management of Change.

Contact us for further details and should you wish to receive a relevant offer for the Development of Ship Implementation Plan for your Fleet.