Volatile Organic Compound Management Plan

Regulation 15 of Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78, as revised by IMO Resolution MEPC.176 (58) (hereinafter referred to as “revised Annex VI”) regulate the VOC emissions from a tanker in designated port(s) or terminal(s) of a Party regulating such emissions. Regulation 15.6 requires that a tanker carrying crude oil shall have on board and implement a VOC Management Plan (VOC Plan) approved by the Administration in accordance with IMO resolution MEPC.185 (59). This Plan shall be specific to each ship.


The aim of the VOC Plan is to identify the arrangements and equipment required to enable compliance with regulation 15.6 of the revised Annex VI and to identify for the ship’s officers all operational procedures for VOC emission control.


The VOC Management Plan is ship specific and provides written procedures for minimizing VOC emissions during conditions of loading of cargo, sea passage, and discharge of cargo.


This VOC Plan has been written pursuant to the requirements in the revised Annex VI regulation 15.6, and it is prepared in accordance with the Resolution MEPC. 185(59) “Guidelines for the Development of a VOC Management Plan”, having taken into account the provisions of MEPC.1/Circ.680 “Technical Information on systems and operation to assist development of VOC Management Plans”.


The VOC Plan describes the specific arrangement, operations and conditions onboard a crude oil tanker with respect to the emission and ability to control VOC emissions. This VOC Plan is not a safety guide and reference shall be made to other publications to evaluate safety hazards.