Training Courses

Development of Training Courses


TQC is ISO 9001 certified to provide Maritime Training Services.


TQC provides training courses either to our Training Seminar or at the premises of the ship management company.


The seminars are developed either per:


  • Ship management company specific request
  • Ship management company feedback
  • Change in statutory and regulatory requirements


The in house courses for specific company are tailor made according to their need.


A certificate of attendance is provided upon successful completion of the training course.


TQC has carried out more than 200 seminars, training courses and forums.


Available Training Courses


  • MLC 2006 Awareness Course
  • MLC 2006 Simulation of Onboard Audit Course
  • ISM Awareness Course
  • ISM & ISO Internal Audit Course
  • ISO 9001 Awareness Course
  • ISPS – SSO & CSO Course
  • ISPS - PFSO Course
  • ISPS - Practical Implementation Seminars
  • ISPS – Ship Security Assessor & Auditor Course
  • Risk Assessment Seminars
  • USA VGP Environmental Seminars
  • Incident investigation seminar
  • ISO 14001 awareness seminar
  • Media response services
  • Numerous other training courses