Safety Training Manual

The manual is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the SOLAS Chapter III, Regulations 19 & 35.


The international Convention for the Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) as amended requires all vessels of more than 400grt to have a Training Manual on board.


The purpose of this manual is to provide the necessary information for general Safety On Board and applies to all ships.


The manual provides instructions and information on the life-saving appliances provided in the ship and on the best methods of survival. The following are explained in detail:


  1. Donning of lifejackets, immersion suits and anti-exposure suits.
  2. Mustering at the assigned stations.
  3. Boarding, launching and clearing the survival craft and rescue boats, including where applicable, use of marine evacuation systems.
  4. Method of launching from within the survival craft.
  5. Release from launching appliances.
  6. Methods and use of devices for protection in launching areas.
  7. Illumination in launching areas.
  8. Use of all survival equipment.
  9. Use of all detection equipment.
  10. The use of radio life-saving appliances.
  11. Use of drogues.
  12. Use of engine and accessories.
  13. Recovery of survival craft and rescue boats including stowage and securing.
  14. Hazards of exposure and the need for warm clothing.
  15. Best use of the survival craft facilities in order to survive.
  16. Methods of retrieval, including the use of helicopter rescue gear (slings, baskets and stretchers), breeches-buoy, shore life-saving apparatus and ship’s line-throwing apparatus.
  17. All other functions contained in the muster list and emergency instructions.
  18. Instructions for emergency repair of the lifesaving appliances.


This manual should be an integral part of the seafarers’ on-board related training program.