Office Preparation

These services prepare the company for a pending audit. Based on the findings, an action plan is developed and specific tasks shall be assigned to the relevant departments/personnel. Depending on the findings TQC provides the company with the necessary consultancy and preparation instructions and monitors the progress of the action plan.


Furthermore, TQC assists the company in the preparation and review of any documentation or reports developed, in order to ensure that they comply with the SMS and the company’s policies, objectives and targets.


Upon completion of the preparation process TQC reviews the action plan and identifies the preparedness status of the company.


TQC services:


  • Internal auditing of the office & reporting.
  • Setting up of required statistical procedures (utilizing existing software and adding any additional data reporting process).
  • Preparing collective analysis and performance report for the fleet, based on information gathered from:
    • Internal Audits reports.
    • Visits to Vessels by Head Office Representatives.
    • Port State Control Inspections.
    • Oil Majors Vetting Inspections.
    • Navigational Audits.
    • External Audits.
    • Class Surveys.
  • Preparing the TMSA reporting to the OCIMF website.
  • Preparing the company for any oil major office inspection.
  • Represent the office and company during oil major office inspection.