E-Manual Support - User Interface

Each of the Main sets of Company's Manuals are shown as a series of buttons as seen in the screenshot below(Click to Enlarge):


TQC E-Manual interface


This applies to all levels of the managed documents.


In order to view the contents of a manual or section of a manual, please click on the appropriate button. The respective manual will appear in a new Adobe Reader window. The order of the manuals is alphabetical and corresponds to the PDF files located in the respective subfolder of \MS\. There can only be 15 manuals/sections per page, so a manual with more than 15 section such as the procedures manual is divided into 2 pages.

In order to navigate the manuals pages use the toolbar below that contains:


  1. The Menu Button: Return to the main menu.
  2. The Previous Button: Return to the previous page.
  3. The Next Button: navigates to the next page.
  4. The Minimize button: Minimizes the software to the taskbar.


The forms page has a different layout. The forms page layout can be seen in the next image.


TQC E-Manual forms page


In order to use any of the forms displayed in each of the categories shown in this page, select it and click on the Use Form button below the category. This will ask you to save a copy of the form in another location so that you may work on it. (The prototypes are not to be edited.). Each page contains up to 12 categories of forms. To see the rest click on the Next button. The Previous button will return you to the Main Menu.


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