E-Manual Support - Installation

The program will have to make an installation to the hard disk. You will need to log in to Windows with administrative rights to perform certain aspects of the installation (such as the .NET Installer, video codecs and the Acrobat Reader). The autorun feature of the CD will present you with the autorun menu. Select Install to start the installation wizard. If the autorun feature of Windows is disabled, please double click manualy on the autorun.exe file on the CD.


TQC E-Manual Setup


The setup program will check if you have the latest versions of the software needed, and if not, will install it. By following the on screen instructions you will be able to complete the installation. In case your computer does not have .NET Framework 4 installed or other additional software that is needed(e.g the Adobe Acrobat Reader), our installer will automatically initiate the respective installation wizards. Follow the on screen instructions answering yes or next in all choices and the installer will resume and finish normally. Any additional installations necessary for the software to function normally can be skipped if you have the software already installed.


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