Electronic Manual


The Electronic Manual Software keeps the manuals and forms of the company in electronic format. It is designed to allow you to implement a paperless method of distributing and maintaining your manuals and forms. In addition, it is easy to use and update.


This software is company specific. The manuals of the company are kept in locked Adobe PDF format. The company forms may be in Word or Excel format.  The Software is divided into different areas depending on the structure of the company’s controlled documentation (manuals). For example in a company with the following levels of documentation, 4 different sections are developed:

  • The Policy Manual,
  • The Procedures Manual,
  • The Instructions Manuals (Contains the Fleet Instructions Manual),
  • The Forms.


Each area contains a list of sections (e.g. Policies, Procedures, FIM Chapters), shown as clickable buttons. Each section is an Adobe PDF file, which opens in a different window when clicked. The list in each area is created according to the files found in specific folders (See below for specifics). You are free to update any of the Adobe PDF, Word or Excel Files, provided you follow the instructions given in the User Guide.


The Policy, Procedures & Fleet Instructions Manuals, including the Ship Security Plan are stored in locked Adobe PDF Format.  The Forms are stored in Word or Excel Format.