CBT Support - Troubleshooting



  1. Always log in as an administrator when installing software/patches/codecs.
  2. Always log in as an administrator when activating the software.
  3. The "DECOMPRESSOR" problem can be easily solved if you place the CD in The CD-ROM drive in order for the autorun menu to appear and click on the appropriate "Install Codec" button in the Troubleshooting Menu (Remember you have to be an administrator to install software)
  4. The "UNABLE TO SATISFY ALL PREREQUISITES" error message appears because you did not log in as an administrator and the installer could access your computer's settings in the registry. By logging in as an administrator and re-installing the CBT, the installer should prompt you for the installation of the .NET framework and any other software.
  5. If the video is playing upside down please uninstall Intervideo WinDVD Creator since it conflicts with the video codecs.
  6. If you get any .NET Framework error, uninstall all .NET framework versions and updates from your computer and reinstall the software.
  7. If the Ranks do not appear in the user creation screen or you cannot access the CBT's database make sure that you have the proper security rights for the PC.
  8. If you cannot create a user (SQL Updatable Query message), you cannot write to the database folder. Please check that you have either administrative rights or that the folder C:\Program Files\TQC and its subfolders are NOT Read Only. If the folder is read only either contact your IT Department to grant you the appropriate rights or please go to the CBT's shortcut and select Compatibility-Run as administrator. You can also try the Advanced Security settings of the folder and set the PC's users rights accordingly. You can find detailed instructions in the CD's Leaflet Folder. If you still cannot resolve the issue, please uninstall and reinstall in C:\TQC\[Software Title] folder.