CBT Support - Examinations

When the user has completed the theoretical part of the training, he/she may take the CBT Examination from the main menu option: "EXAMINATION" or "TEST".


The examination consists of 20 randomly generated questions out of a pool of 80-100 total questions. The examination is  a multiple choice test, with 3 possible answers based on the contents of the CBT’s presentation and covers all chapters.


The pass/fail percentage is 75% or 15 right answers out of 20. When the user passes the examination, the certification attestation button is enabled in the administration panel, so the user may ask of the administrator to print or create an electronic file for the certification attestation.


TQC CBT Exam Screen


After the initial page that explains how the test works you will see the above screen. The question is located on top of the 3 buttons. When you click on any of the three buttons you will see the result of your answer and you may proceed to the next question. You may not skip a question. This means that you have to answer the current question to move to the next. At the end of the 20th question you will see your score and the test will be saved. You can abort the test at any time by clicking on the Menu button. Partial Tests are not saved.


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