CBT Support - Viewing Pages

The Training Pages

These are the screens that contain the CBT material. This means that all the training text, audio and graphics are viewed and heard in these pages. Every CBT is divided in chapters and pages.


TQC CBT Simple Page Screen


Let's have a look at the interface:


On the top left you can see the CBT's title and the current Chapter's title.

You can see the text in the middle of the screen.

The page may include visual content such as pictures, animation or videos

the menu bar at the bottom offer you a set of actions. These are from the left:

  1. The InstaShow button. This button displays all text and images in the page instantly.
  2. The Chapters button. This takes you straight to the Chapter Selection Screen.
  3. The Previous button. This takes you to the previous page. If you are in the first page of a chapter this button takes you to the last page of the previous chapter. If you are in the first chapter, this button will return you to the chapter selection screen
  4. The Replay button. This plays the current page again from the start
  5. The Pause button. This pauses the page playback. Clicking on it again resumes play.
  6. The Next button. This takes you to the next page and the next chapter. At the end of the cbt it directs you to the chapter selection page.
  7. The Minimize button. This minimizes the CBT.
  8. The Sound volume slider. Clicking on this either on the left half or the right half allows you to adjust the narrator's voice level.


Every time the user has finished reading a page, he/she must click on the Next button to continue.


Special Pages


Some of the pages of the CBT are interactive. That means that the cbt requires you to click on a button so that you can see a summary and/or description of a topic. The topics appear in smaller windows which you can pause, replay and close by clicking the appropriate button in the window.


TQC CBT Page with Buttons


Keyboard Shortcuts


There are some convenient keyboard shortcuts when viewing any training page in the CBT. See the below reference table:

Left Previous Page
Right Next Page
PageDown Previous Chapter
PageUp Next Chapter
F1 Displays Help File
F2 Navigates straight to the Main Menu
F3 Navigates straight to the Chapter Selection
F4 Displays all text and images in the page instantly.


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