CBT Management Software Support - Tests

In order for the testing and certification procedure to be completed, you will have to successfully complete the appropriate test. This test consists of 20 randomly generated, multiple choice questions, of which at least 15 (75%) have to be answered correctly. If you fail the test, you can re-take it. All completed tests are recorded into the database and remain on your record.


Import Tests


The Import Tests Screen is accessed only by the admininstrator by selecting Tests - Import on the menu bar. In order for a Test to be a part of the CBT Management System, the administrator has to import it first. To import a Test:


  1. Click on the IMPORT TEST Button.
  2. Select the file of the Test you want to import.
  3. If the Test has not been already installed, you will see the progress bar filling towards 100%. When the bar has reached 100% the Test is installed and you can use it.
  4. If you wish to import another Test click on the IMPORT TEST Button again. If you are finished importing Tests, click on the CLOSE WINDOW Button.


TQC CBT Management Software Import Test Screen


Activate Tests


Just like Modules, Tests have to be activated as well. Tests related to modules do not need activation if the module has been activated first. The Activations Screen is accessed only be the admininstrator by selecting File - Activations on the menu bar. After Importing a Test, the administrator has to activate it before the users can take it. The procedure is similar to the program's activation. This screen contains a list with imported Tests and their activation status. If the activation status is True, it means that the Test is already activated. If the activation status is false then you have click on the activate button and then send us the serial number of the Test in order to get the activation key.


TQC CBT Management Software Module Activation Screen


Take Tests


A user may be assigned tests by the administrator. In order to take a test you must select Tests - Take from the menu. A test consists of 20 randomly generated questions. The test is a multiple choice test, with 3 possible answers. The pass/fail percentage is 75% or 15 right answers out of 20. When the user passes the test, it is saved on the user's record. The administrator then is able to certificate the user based on the last test scores taken. In order to take a test select it from the list and click on the Take Test button.


TQC CBT Management Software Take Test Screen


After selecting the test and clicking on the Take Test button you will be transferred to the Test Screen.


TQC CBT management Software Test Instruction Screen


The first page explains the test rules and by clicking on the next button you will start the test. The question appears on the top and the answers appear on the buttons below it. You answer a question by clicking on the answer you think is correct. You may not proceed to the next question without answering the current question. The number of the question you are on can be seen on the bottom. After answering a question you may see if you have answered correctly by the symbols that appear next to the answers.


TQC CBT Management Software Test Screen


At the end of this process the test will be saved and you will see the score you have achieved. If you have passed you may ask the administrator to produce a certificate.


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