CBT Management Software Support - Settings

Program Information Screen


The Program Information Screen is accessed only by the admininstrator by selecting File - Program Information on the menu bar. In the Program Information Screen, you can see the location and IMO Number of the installation. This is not changeable since it comes pre configured with the installation CD. You can also see where the various modules and tests are installed.


TQC CBT Management Software Administration Settings Screen


Import/Export Data


This screen and its features are the communication center of the CBT Management System. It is accessible only by the administrator by clicking on File - Import/Export. In this screen the administrator can backup/Export the entire database. This can be done as a backup to store in a backup location or to be sent to another location/installation and be imported there. By exporting and importing data you can keep all install locations updated.

Example: A company has the the CBT Management System installed on the vessels and in the office. The company can exchange CBT and Test information with the vessels by having the vessels export data once per month and sending the file to the office where it gets imported.


TQC CBT Management Software Import Export Screen


To Export/Backup the Database click on the EXPORT DATA button and enter a filename of your choice.

To Import/Restore data to the main database from a previously exported file click on the IMPORT DATA button and select a filename.


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