CBT Management Software Support - Overview

The CBT Management System is a software package designed to manage CBT Modules and Tests. Its purpose is to provide module based training to its users having a central user database and independed CBT Modules The CBT Management System keeps user records keeping training progress and time spent on a training module. In addition, the CBT Management System can import pools of questions and generate randomly selected tests in order to evaluate users and certificate them. User records may be shared among installations of this software with the easy Import/Export feature.


TQC CBT Management Software Assigning Users TQC CBT Management Software Exam Screen


System Specifications


This software has been designed and tested for CPU Intel or AMD 1.5GHz, 512Mb RAM, 500MB free disk space, 40x CD-ROM, Sound Card, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows XP64, Windows Vista/64 or Windows 7/64. Graphics card with DirectX 9.0 Support required. Disk space may differ depending on the number and sizes of installed modules.




The program will have to make an installation to the hard disk. You will need to log in to Windows with administrative rights to perform certain aspects of the installation (such as the .NET Installer).


The autorun feature of the CD will present you with an installation wizard. The setup program will check if you have the latest versions of the software needed, and if not, will install it. You can also start the installation procedure by running the “autorun.exe” program in the CD-ROM folder. By following the on screen instructions you will be able to complete the installation. In case your computer does not have .NET Framework or xVid installed, our installer will automatically initiate the respective Installation Wizards. Follow the on screen instructions answering yes in all choices and the installer will resume and end normally.


Any additional installations are necessary for the software to function normally but you can skip them if you have them already installed. The .NET installer may request you to reboot the PC. If this occurs and the installation does not resume automatically after rebooting, please restart the installation.




This software is protected against unauthorized copying. A serial number, unique for every PC, is generated during execution and it requires an activation key in order for the software to operate. The first time you run the program after installation, you will be presented with a window that provides you with the serial number. You will have to provide TQC with that serial in order to obtain the activation code. You can either send it via e-mail at cbt@tqc.gr, or by telephone (contact details are written in the activation window). You have to complete the installation and activation procedure as a windows administrator.




When you receive the activation key from TQC, type it or copy and paste it in the appropriate space, and the software activation will be complete. The activation is a one time procedure for each PC. After the activation the software will run normally. Each CD provided is licensed for one activation only. Each module/test requires its own separate activation procedure from withing the software. Please read the module activation procedure here. Modules and tests of the same Title/Version have the one activation instead of two.


The Login Screen


After the software has been activated, the log screen appears so that you may login as a user or administrator. The administrator is the supervisor of the training program, the one who creates and modifies users and manages the settings of this software. It is advised that the administrator changes his password after logging in for the first time.


TQC CBT Management Software Login


Preinstalled Modules


If this installation came with preinstalled modules and tests you will have to activate them as usual by following the activation procedure for modules explained here.


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