CBT Management Software Support - Modules

A CBT Module is a collection of files needed to comprise a Training subject. A CBT Module is imported to the CBT Management System in order for a user to be able to see it. The Administrator has to:


  1. Import the Module from a CD-ROM or a location in the Hard Disk.
  2. Activate the Module in all the computers that have the CBT Management System installed.
  3. Assign the Module to Users.


After the steps above the users that have been assigned to this module are able to view it. For every user that views a CBT Module, Training Progress is kept and is available for the Administrator to see.


Import Modules


The Import Module Screen is accessed only by the admininstrator by selecting Modules - Import on the menu bar. In order for a module to be a part of the CBT Management System, the administrator has to import it first. To import a Module:


  1. Click on the IMPORT MODULE Button.
  2. Select the main file of the Module you want to import.
  3. If the Module has not been already installed, you will see the progress bar filling towards 100%. When the bar has reached 100% the Module is installed and you can use it.
  4. If you wish to import another Module click on the IMPORT MODULE Button again . If you are finished importing Modules, click on the CLOSE WINDOW Button.




Activate Modules


The Activations Screen is accessed only be the admininstrator by selecting File - Activations on the menu bar. After Importing a CBT Module, the administrator has to activate it before the users can view it. The procedure is similar to the program's activation. This screen contains a list with imported modules and their activation status. If the activation status is True, it means that the CBT Module is already activated. If the activation status is false then you have click on the activate button and then send us the serial number of the module in order to get the activation key. Please see the Activation section of this manual for instructions.




View Modules


In order for a CBT module to be seen by a user, the administrator must first import, activate and assign the module to the user. The user can view a module by selecting Modules - View from the menu. This screen displays all modules that have been imported, activated and assigned to the user currently logged in.




In order to view an installed module, select the previously installed and assigned module from the list and click on the View Module Button. The screen that will appear is the Chapter Selection Screen for the Module. This screen presents the chapters of the CBT Module so that you can go and view each one separately at your discretion. It is recommended though that you start from the first chapter.


Chapter Selection


Click on any chapter button to move to the first page of the chapter. Click on the Close Module button to close the window. The training screen is the main and more common page in the CBT Training Module. This is the screen that the theory of the training course is displayed. The CBT Module is divided in chapters and pages. Let's have a look at the interface:




  1. CBT and Chapter title appear on the top left.
  2. Text appears synchronized with speech.
  3. The Visual content of the training course (pictures, animation or video) appear in sync with the text and the speech.
  4. The Instashow button is the first of the interface buttons on the bottom and it causes the page to show instantly all text, menus and pictures.
  5. The Chapters button takes you straight back to the Chapter Selection Page.
  6. The Previous button takes you to the previous page or previous chapter.
  7. The Replay button plays the current page from the start once more.
  8. The Pause button pauses and resumes the page. Clicking on it again after the page has been paused resumes play.
  9. The Next button takes you to the next page or chapter.
  10. The Sound volume slider Clicking and holding the left mouse button on this and sliding the mouse left and right allows you to adjust the speech sound level.


Every time you have finished reading a page, you should click on the Next button to continue. Each chapter is followed by the next one.


Some of the pages of the CBT Modules are interactive. You can identify such a page by the menu displayed on it. That means that the software requires you to click on a button so that a special action may be performed. It is recommeded that you click on every button on such a page to view all the possible actions.




The most common action is that a frame opens with a descriptive test and speech. You may close the opened frame by clicking on the x button on the top right corner of the frame. You can also pause and replay the frame from the buttons on the bottom right of the frame.


A button may instead of a frame lead you to an external pdf file. If such is the case, your Acrobat Reader will start and display the appropriate document.


Another action that a button may have is to open an extract of a manual on the page you are in. In this case you may scroll down and up the text and close it by double clicking on it.


Finally a button mey simply navigate you to another page within the CBT Module.


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