CBT Support - Main Menu

When a user starts the software, he/she starts off here, at the main menu unless the user logged in as administrator. The main menu is where you select which of the the main features of the program you wish to see. You can see the version and the customization details of the program at this screen.


TQC CBT Main Menu Screen


Starting from the top-first option:


    Selecting this will start the training course from chapter 1, page 1, and you can follow it all the way to the end. If you have already seen some part of the CBT and want to navigate to somewhere else, you may go to the chapter selection menu, or use the keyboard Page Up or Page Down buttons to navigate to an adjacent chapter.
    This screen presents the chapters of the CBT so that you can go and see each one separately at your discretion.
    When you feen confident that you have mastered the contents of the CBT you can take the examination by pressing this button.
    This option presents the user guide.
    You may return to the log in screen and log in as a different user.
  • QUIT
    This button closes the program and returns you to your desktop.


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