CBT Support - Log In

The Log In Screen


After the introduction ends, the log screen appears so that you may login as a user or administrator. The administrator is the supervisor of the training program, the one who creates users and monitors their progress. There are two default accounts:


  • Username: admin with password 1234 (Administrator account)
  • Username: demo without password (Demo Account)


The administrator account exists for administrative functions only, such as creating users and printing certificates. The demo account is a generic presentation account. The administrator is advised to change his/her password as soon as possible. You can click the image below to see it enlarged.


TQC CBT Login Screen


Let's have a look at the interface:


  1. Enter your User Name in the top space.
  2. Enter your password in the bottom space
  3. After typing your User Name and Password click on the Enter Button (or press the Enter Key) to continue. If your User Name and Password are correct you will continue to the Main Menu. If you are the administrator you will be directed to the Administration Screen.
  4. You can quit the program by clicking on the Quit Button.


Continue to CBT Administration Instructions.