CBT Support - Installation

This program will have to make an installation to the hard disk. You will need to log in to Windows with administrative rights to perform certain aspects of the installation (such as the .NET Installer and the video codecs). The autorun feature of the CD will present you with an installation wizard.


The setup program will check if you have the latest versions of the software needed, and if not, will install it. You can also start the installation procedure by running the "autorun.exe" program in the CD-ROM folder. By following the on screen instructions you will be able to complete the installation. In case your computer does not have the .NET Framework installed or XVid, our installer will automatically initiate the respective Installation Wizards. Follow the on screen instructions answering yes in all choices and the installer will resume and end normally. Any additional installations are necessary for the software to function normally but you can skip them if you have them already installed. Under normal circumstances you won't even have to reboot.


Note: The software needs to write data to the hard disk during its normal operation, so the user must have the appropriate rights. In Windows 7 you may have to give administrative rights to the application.


Network Installation


When installing on a network, with multiple clients like the image seen below, you have to be aware of the following issues:


  1. You only need to perform the installation of the main software to the server.
  2. Any additional software, like .NET, DirectX or Acrobat will have to be installed on all clients.
  3. All clients including the server will have to activate the software.
  4. All clients must be able to write to the install location on the network.
  5. net


Windows Vista - Windows 7 Additional Instructions


In order to resolve any ownership issues:


  1. Right click on the CBT shortcut on the desktop and select Properties from the Context Menu.
  2. Click on the Security tab (see below image).
  3. st

  4. Click on the Edit button. Click ok to confirm UAC elevation request if necessary.
  5. Select the user (the one you have used to log in to windows) from the Group or user names list (see below image). Also you can select Users in order to give all local users the same access rights.


  6. Now under the Permission section check the Full Control under the Allow column to assign full access rights control permissions.
  7. Click OK for changes to take effect and click ok final to exit from Properties window.


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