CBT Support - Activation



The CBT software is protected against unauthorized copying.  Each CBT copy when installed produces a serial key unique for every PC. In order for the software to operate you need an activation key matching the serial key. When you run a CBT that is not activated, you will be presented with a window that provides you with a unique serial number generated by your PC's hardware.


TQC CBT Activation Screen


You will have to provide TQC with that serial in order to obtain the activation code. You can send it via e-mail at cbt@tqc.gr and you will receive a reply with the appropriate activation key. You have to complete the installation and activation procedure as a windows administrator. Please include your company's name, the vessel's name and the title of the CBT you wish to activate in your request for an activation key.


When you receive the activation key from TQC, type it in the appropriate space, and the software activation will be complete. The activation is a one time procedure for each PC. After the activation the software will run normally without asking for activation again. Each CD provided is licensed for one activation only. You have to be a windows administrator to complete the activation successfully. This software requires access to the Windows Registry and the Hard Disk.


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